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Club Person of the Year 2020 | Bilgola SLSC

Presentation Awards

This year’s Bilgola presentation ceremony was live streamed via ZOOM.  Awards were presented to the following club members, congratulations to you all.

Presidents Award: David Madew Patrol 14), Rowan Jacob (Patrol 14), Rob Farr (Patrol 7) and Nikki Curtain (Patrol 10)

Club Captains Award: Zac Cracknell (Patrol X), Ray Trevisan (Patrol 10) and Meaghan Harris (Patrol 2)

Lifesaving Acknowledgement: Matt Scully (Patrol 10), Craig Poppleton (Patrol 9) and Greg Franks (Patrol 12)

The Kevin Berry Award: Kaz Marks (Patrol 7), Nige Penn (Patrol 7) and Steve Faddy (Patrol 10)

Patrol Captain of the Year: Romilly Madew (Patrol 14)

Patrol of the year: Patrol 9, Patrol Captain, Craig Poppleton

IRB Person of the year: Jarrah Turner (Patrol 8)

The Bob de Groot Award, Club person of the year: John Coleman (Patrol X)

Most Valued Person of the Year – Donated by Ross Hennessy Trophy: Romilly Madew (Patrol 14)

Saxon Glover Award: Lauren Farr (Patrol 7)

Lifesaver of the Year: Greg Woods (Patrol 2)

Rower of the Year: Ben Gill (Patrol 11)

Female Rower of the Year: Ella Smith (Patrol 11)

Surfboat Crew of the Year: 200+ years Masters Bilgola Older, Mark Parsons, Garett Smith, Norm Pounder, Grant Jacobs, Ben Gill (Sweep) (Patrol 11)

Top Ten Patrollers of the Year: Peter Fenley (Patrol 8), Greg Franks (Patrol 12), Gregory Woods (Patrol 2), Oliver Festa (Patrol 8), Marc Bernard (Patrol 4), Leah Fenley (Patrol 8), Lauren Farr (Patrol 7), Andrea Whittet (Patrol 7), Romilly Madew (Patrol 14), Jasmine Manns (Patrol 7)



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